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Monday, 11 September 2017

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Happy Canada Day all! It was celebrated here too! 
The big news we learned today was the mission presidents wife is ill. So send good thought and prayers! 
This week I had to go back to Battipaglia to pick up my visa! So I got to see Sorella Romero again and all my favourite places and my favourite members! It was amazing! And now I am allowed to stay here legally! It was also interesting because I traveled alone. I once heard the true test of character is determined on what you do when you are alone. The good news is I still was able to help and share my testimony! I actually met this girl on the train who I had previously met! And she remembered us! What are the chances!?!
We were able to see a lot of answers to prayer this week. So many open hearted people we were able to talk to and  invite to change. It's a good reminder that God is good. He watches over me. And you! 
Some things I learned:
Goat's milk is not good.
Pineapple or frozen banana is good.
It is possible to have a 6 course meal.
A good way to start a conversation is to ask what a watermelon is called in Italian.
Always smile.
Think good thoughts and you'll always look good.
I read a couple good things too:
"...a phone call came when I was a bishop—this time from the police. I was told that a drunk driver had crashed his car through the glass into the lobby of a bank. When the bewildered driver saw the security guard with his weapon brandished, he cried, “Don’t shoot! I’m a Mormon!”
The inebriated driver was discovered to be a member of my ward, baptized only recently. As I waited to speak to him in the bishop’s office, I planned what I would say to make him feel remorseful for the way he had broken his covenants and embarrassed the Church. But as I sat looking at him, I heard a voice in my mind say, just as clearly as if someone were speaking to me, “I’m going to let you see him as I see him.” And then, for a brief moment, his whole appearance changed to me. I saw not a dazed young man but a bright, noble son of God. I suddenly felt the Lord’s love for him. That vision changed our conversation. It also changed me....If you walk with the Savior long enough, you will learn to see everyone as a child of God with limitless potential, regardless of what his or her past may have been. And if you continue walking with the Savior, you will develop another gift He has—the ability to help people see that potential in themselves and so repent." From the talk Walk with Me by President Eyring 

"If clouds instead of sun spread shadows o’er our heart,
If pain afflicts us, never mind; we will soon know who Thou art.
Jesus guides us with His hand, and He will tell us why;
If we listen to His voice, He will tell us by and by.
Confide in God unwaveringly, and let Him us sustain;
Sing His glory endlessly, for later He’ll explain.:
From the talk "Confide in God Unwaveringly"By Elder Ulisses Soares, Of the Presidency of the Seventy

I love you all! Hi Voglio tanto bene.
Thank you for your good thoughts! Stay tuned for next week! 
Sorella Lalonde

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