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Sunday, 25 June 2017

New City... New Transfer... What!?!

That's right folks, Sorella Lalonde has been transfered tooooo...(drum roll please) Calgari  (kinda pronounced like Calgary but no r and a soft g) on the beautiful island of Sardegna!  I'm here with Sorella Tacchi from England! We live in a four sister house but this time all the sisters are in the same ward Here!  The members are super Bravi! Super awesome and the other Sorelle have been working with someone whose husband is already a member and she is trying to quit smoking so we already have some Work!  Sorella Tacchi and I are both new here so we are both learning the area and the members and everything together! It's been Fun!  And kinda Hard!  We were going to meet with a church member our second day and we were trying to figure out what to talk about and we decided when in doubt, talk about Jesus Christ. We also got lost but found a beautiful look Out!  Picture 1. 
I'm sad to have left Bari after only 6 weeks, it's hardly enough time . But I'm super glad to be here doing the Lord work wherever it brings me. Every day is hard but its worth it to know you are working with the Lord  to help our Heavenly Father’s children, our brothers and sisters, find a little bit more peace and joy. And it's sad when people don't want to talk to you but I am here to be a light and a beacon to those who are ready .  Sardegna is beautiful but mama Mia it's hot. Very hot. The flowers are lovely though. Very magical. 
Pictures from a Castelo we visited today and a Mexican restaurant

Sorella Lalonde

PS: I've also been thinking about the faith cycle..
Faith in Christ  (and also in yourself and your future with Christ) --> leads to change or repentance --> leads to making covenants like Baptism (promise to follow Christ so that he can help us --> leads to the gift for us to have with us always the Holy Ghost ( the third member of the God head who can help us stay close to Christ) --> good Works--> more faith --> more change --> sacrament/ renewal of promise (or new covenants)--> more good Works and piano piano we become more and more Christlike until we can be perfect like he is.
It's hard, " but if it weren't for the high hurdles oth r rs may outrun you"

Sorella Lalonde

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