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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Have we rested on this plateau long enough?

First week on the beautiful island of Sardegna. Summer is heating up. Literally. We were around 39 degrees today! The week flew by. We had zone conference this week which was an amazing answer to prayers. I've been wanting to work on everything but didn't know what to do but I was able to see where I need to start. I saw the plateaus I could abandon to move forward and upwards. That's what the conference was about. Something else I learnt was not to forget the bible. As a mormon missionary alot of what we talk about is the Book of Mormon. However the bible is also scripture and deserves our study time. Together we have the fullness of the gospel. So I started from the beginning and it's been awesome! A chapter I read that hit me was in John 15. With out Christ we can do nothing. It's worth a read through.
We met the lady the other missionaries have been working with and she is lovely and Brava and I'm really excited to be here and help her. She wants to quit smoking and that's something I don't have a lot of experience with. So it's really cool to be here and learn with her how to brake habits and start doing better new things instead.
Other lessons learnt. Don't get on a random bus, it might take you to a neighbouring city instead of back downtown. Air conditioner busses are beautiful. McDonalds gelato tastes the same even though it's called gelato and not ice cream. Non Italian foods can still be found in Italian supermarkets. Some cakes even though they are beautiful can taste like garlic (teaches me not to judge. That was a good lesson on Sunday. Disgusting but good.) Pizza at 10 is good. Gardening is good. We like cleaned all the roots off. Driving in Italian is scary. But now I can drive in Italian! That's right this girl is licensed!  

Today we did this huge (30 minutes feels pretty long now a days ) hike. Member that far off hill in last week's pictures? We hiked there today! See all the pictures! 

Love you all! Sorella Lalonde

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