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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Bari Libertà here we go!

For all those who didn't get to see me yesterday.... most of You... I'm still alive and very well. This week went by so Fast!  I had an appointment for my Permesso to be here and then the week just flew by! I'm loving it here its beautiful and there is a lot going on. We have this couple we are teaching who are just so sweet. This city also has buses which means less Walking!  But we also get fed a lot.  Which means harder morning workouts. The other sisters here are super healthy so that's a blessing too ! 

I got some advice to share a little more spiritually how I am. I have learned a lot about God lately. He wants to give us blessings. And everything we need to be happy. But He also know when you need it to make you the happiest. And it's a little harder that way, but a little more enriching too. I'm learning a lot about walking by faith. Like excersise, you don't see the results of faith after your first work out. Maybe after week. But even then not really.  But after time- you don't even really see the full effects - you are changed. It's the perseverance that's shapes you. And I'm totally still learning this all so I'm not perfect. But with Christ's help we can all do it. And I am so great full for this wonderfully beautiful opportunity. 

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