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Monday, 10 April 2017

La reggia in Caserta #P.DAY

This week I and the opportunity to go to Caserta. So beautiful there. The crazy thing that happened this week- we were going to look for a member of the church to check up and see of there is anything we can help her with. But when we arrived at the address we had we learned it was sbagliata or wrong.  So we asked around, it was a pretty small town. One man said up the hill (mountain) was a girl by that name so we started up. He didn't say which house though so we had to check every mailbox. This lady yelled from her balcony who are you looking for!? And I realized how sketchy we looked. But we kept hiking and eventually found her! On our way down the carabinieri  (police) pulled up and asked for our documents. We explained who we were what we were doing and he's like oh! Okay that's fine. You shouldn't come up here just you two. There are having a problem with gypsies breaking into homes. (!!!!) but you are fine to go, actually we can give you a ride back to the city.  So we got to ride in the Italian police Car!  And then they pulled someone over while we were in the car. It was defiantly a an experience not to forget. 
The miracle this week - we met this lady at the train station and we talked with her about peace and showed her the new easter video called prince of peace (y'all should look it Up! ) and she loved it! We took a selfie  together Even!  Peace in this life is possible despite the world's craziness. When you know who you are, where your going, and who's supports you. I know I am a daughter of God. I know that my family can live together forever, that there is something after this life. I know my Father in heaven and His son Gesù Cristo support me and love me. 

I love this opportunity to share what I believe and the joy that comes  from knowing these things. 

Sorella Lalonde

Caserta, cake from activity, real Hondurion tacos

More photos of :a Reggia:

Follow your heart, or a stray dog

What an amazing week. It started with me realizing I need to step up my game. I won't aka ways be new and not speak Italian but in order to accomplish that goal I need to step up and be THAT missionary. To look at this mission and this work more eternally, this is a foundation for my life! So that's the mindset I took and I found I was able to actually work better. So that's my bit of advice. Whatever situation your in now, it won't always be that way! The only way to really change though is for you to Be prepared for that something bigger and better. Set the goal and make a plan to get there, and you will catch a glimpse of who you will be when you arrive.
We were heading home for Pranzo yesterday and didn't have a firm plan of where to head after to go find and talk to people. This random stray dog was walking kinda beside us and Sorella Romero said, let's follow it. I gotta a feeling. So we did. It lead us to this apartment building. And after lunch we went and rang all the people who lived there. The last one (forth floor last door style) invited us in to talk. It was Amazing!  She was a lovely lady and we had an amazing conversation about faith amazing day how to believe.  So my other price of advice is to follow a dog. Though please use discretion and I cannot confirm any results. 

Also general Conference!  If you didn't get a chance to hear it, you should! It's an amazing opportunity to listen to a prophet and apostles. Even if you don't believe it, millions of others do, so why not TRY it out!

I love you all!
Sorella Lalonde
Pictures. A man on a horse. Chocolate eggs. Underground Napoli.  

End of One transfer officially.

We are starting another transfer (6week period) here in Battipaglia! 
Not to to much happened this week. Our hole purpose is to teach people so this week past and coming our goal is to find more people to share our gospel and testimonies about Christ and his restored church with. We visited an Italian cemetery which was very different but beautiful. Everyone brings so many Flowers!  With the transfers happening and sisters being moved around we spent a day in Napoli. There are no sister missionaries there because it's a little more dangerous being such a big city. But we survived a Day!  

Love you all. 

Sorella Lalonde

I forgot my miracle this week ! I had a conversation all on my own and we understood Each other!  I don't speak perfect, I guess I even sound too French.  I don't know the right words or grammar. But I'm making head way and piano piano ilk get there. My Heavenly Father has really blessed me with helping my learn this language but he won't give you anything with out a little effort on your part. 
So if you want something as true to the faith puts it <<If you have a difficult task before you, Heavenly Father is pleased when you get on your knees and ask for help and then get on your feet and go to work. He will help you in all your righteous pursuits, but He seldom will do something for you that you can do yourself.>>

One Transfer Down!

I can't believe It! This is going by too fast! I bought a little notebook last Monday so I could write down our plans and important things. It's been very helpful. This week a new family from Brazil moved in, they are doing some family history work. They live fairly far away from us so we tried to go see them but after a train to agropoli, and a bus through the mountains (you really have to hold on and I've heard people get sick), we still didn't make it. We re-tried yesterday and did make it. It is so beautiful. Castlabate on the top of a mountain right next to the sea side. We saw this amazing sunset over the ocean(try number 1 not actually there but close). The pictures don't even measure up to being there. They are an amazing Family too so fun! She speaks Portuguese and he speaks English and a little italian so there's a little language barrier but it was the best Sunday ever!
This week we also went to visit our friend in Salerno but the train back got cancelled so all these people had to squish onto this little bus and we stayed out past our bed time ! But we did run into this girl we met a few weeks back on the train and she made sure we were alright and got onthe bus and home safely. It was so cute and a real Miracle!  
I also got to Diciamo trian my city this week with exchanges. I was here with another Sorella and my companion was in Caserta. We made it to the appointments on time and didn't die so I'd say Success!  
Also here you can go to the meat and cheese shops and they will make you a panino with thier fresh cheeses and meats and bread and it's seriously amazing. I also found this little like Indian grocery store and we bought coconut to eat.