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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Disney characters: Sleeping Beauty and Big Hero 6

Something sorella Romero likes to do when we plan our upcoming week  is to assign each other Disney characters we where like last week. Sorella Romero was sick this week. So she was sleeping beauty and I was the big cute blow up doctor robot from the movie big hero six. (We couldn't remember his name). We did another exchange this week so I went to Pozzuoli again for a day! It's so lovely there right next to the sea. I can't even believe it's real! We also visited a member in Agropoli which may just be topping the list of beautiful places here in the Battipaglia zone. 
On Tuesday before Sorella Romero was mostly bed ridden (just a cold really but really needed to sleep) we were on route to an appointment when we passed this car. There was an older lady standing beside and a younger lady (the bedante) inside pulling at this older man to get out of the car. He has dementia and wasn't budging and they were like Reeaaaaallllyyyy frustrated and yelling and pulling and we felt so helpless. So we prayer, Reeaaaaallllyyyy prayed.  And as soon as we finished the man complied, and got out of the car. It was a miracle.
One of the Anziano (elders / masculine missionaries)  went to the hospital with stomach pains. He's got out today, it was just a virus I guess, but we got to go visit an Italian hospital. If you ever get stuck there,  bring your own toilet paper. 
I read two amazing talks this week. Choose to believe by Whitney Clayton given in April 2015 ( I'd include the link but I'm not that capable, Emily maybe you can help here) and faith is not by chance but by choice by Neil L Anderson giving in October 2015. Both really great inspiring motivating talks that got me thinking where I stand. And to never give up hope or faith. To hold on to what you know is true and right. The world and Satan want you to doubt and to falter but we must stand firm, tall, and strong in our beliefs. 

Vi voglio Bene  (literally translates to y'all I want well, but means I wish the best for you and love You!)
Sorella Maddie Lalonde

This is Agropoli 

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Italy Week 4: Another Week of Miracles.


So many miracles this week. Everywhere we went it seemed we found the person we needed to talk to that day. A lady from Brazil,  a couple on a train, or a lady who's was having a really hard day and needed a smile. It's amazing when you open your mouth the kinds of people you'll meet.  And although not everyone listens or wants to talk, just keep Trying! Someone needs your smile today.

So some of you may be familiar with the story of Ammon. For those what aren't, he was a missionary in the Book of Mormon who went out among the most hard hearted people to preach the gospel, ended up serving the kind of this city, defending his flocks, and converting the town to believe in Christ. Sorella Romero and I have decided we are going to be ammon like missionaries and serve the people. We've been asking around for out unites and we are following up on a lead tonight so I'll have to keep you posted, but a huge part of what i believe is that you just have to serve people. Serve them bevause thats what Christ would do. And love people, everyone deserves kindness. And sometimes he will work through you if you are willing to do some leg Work! 

This week this man in a flower shop said I was so beautiful people could pray to me. 

Pictures : mostly today at Paestum but also a soccer game broadcast 

Another Lovely Week (Italy Week 3)

Another lovely week here in Italy! Highlights include going to Pozzuoli, zone conference, Napoli pizza,and kebab. 

So because my companion Sorella. Romero is Sister training Leader she has to make sure all the sisters in this zone (Napoli and surrounding areas) are doing okay. We do this thing called scambia or switches where we switch companions and I'll go be with another Sister!  This week we exchanged with the sisters in pozualli so I went there with sister Bellomo and another sister came here. She is Awesome!  And italian!  And pozualli is amazingly Beautiful!  We had a lot of fun together and I did speak up a little more! Plus I got to practice Italian!  
Zone conference is where all the missionaries in this zone get together with the president of the mission and are instructed in things we need to work on or specific goals for this area. It was a really good,  spiritually strengthening day. It made me feel even more r easy for this next week. My favorite quote was that you only need 20 seconds of insane courage to just open your mouth and talk to someone and that 20 seconds could  change their life! So I've been putting that to the test. 
We also got Napolitano pizza. Here you get a whole mini pizza to yourself. It's amazing. And kebab....I don't know how you spell it. Anyway because Napoli is bigger they have a lot more cultures. So we ate these non italian to wraps with veggies and meat. Super gooooooood.  And mango juice.  They also don't have peanut butter here (they do its just way expensive for a tiny jar) but the sisters near the American army base can get it cheaper so I also had some of that !
I learned a lot this week about hope. Even if you don't have enough or any faith, you can have hope. And hope is powerful. 
I also have a testimony of Christ that through Him we can do all things and we are never alone. We may feel sad or lost or forgotten but we don't need to. He is walking with us, and I think even before or ahead of us. He's been there before you. And knows how you feel so you don't have to be alone. 

Si voglio bene