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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

"I'm just lounging wait dining...lounging is for midday " ~ not a native English speaker

This Week our life in a trio was cut short. Sorella Adams from the other companionship was needed in Rome so sorella acerson left us to fill that hole. Now we are back to preaching the gospel two by two. It's been strange. It's been a blast! We saw a lot of great miracles as we hit the street to talk to people. I'm glad I get to offer people the chance to read the book of Mormon that has changed my life. To tell people about the things that make me happy.  We were able to start teaching a lady who knows someone who was recently baptised and another lady who wants to have a stronger testimony of this gospel. 
A fun train adventure too took us to see a member who lives in Teramo super super cute! 
Honestly this week has flown by and I can't remember a lot! We have a goal to talk to ten people everyday about why we are here. It's been stretching ! But it's fun to meet new people everyday. A simple conversation on the bus, in a store, on the street corner. We are spreading the word little by little ! Sharing the light as much as we can! 
Saturday we did one last Christmas charoling monstra in the city downtown. They celebrate befana here as when the wise man came to see Jesus and it closes the chrostmas season. So we sang our hearts out and people loved it! So many stopped and smiled and took pictures. At one point this man can and sand I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with us! It was so precious! We talked to some people after who were so so friendly and funny! 
Of course this also lead to days like Wednesday when no one wanted to talk to us. I learnt perseverance. And to be kind to strangers, even if you don't want what they are offering. Love them anyways! 
Here are some fun things I read this week! 
 One progresses 0nly as fast as he gains knowledge.  - Bible dictionary 
Even the devil's knew Jesus was the christ, what was the difference of him and Peter?- Jesus the Christ 
"we each need the Savior’s help to become the people we were born to be. It is simply impossible to do without His strength and His power.
Gratefully, the Savior has paid the price for every gift of the Spirit we will ever need to help us. It’s up to us to prayerfully discover which gifts we need. We may need the gift of self-discipline or of cheerfulness. Perhaps we need the gift of patience, or the gift to be healed, or the gift to forgive. Perhaps we need the gift to have our sexual feelings be in harmony with eternal laws. Perhaps we realize that we cannot live one more minute without the gift of unshakable faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. When we’re desperate for any gift of the Spirit, that is when we will finally pray with all the energy of heart for that gift. And the great news is that each spiritual gift we receive takes us one more step forward into our true selves." Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be Wendy Watson Nelson An Evening with President Russell M. Nelson Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults • January 10, 2016 • Brigham Young University–Hawaii
Love you all! Have a lovely week full of pure lovelyness. 
Attached- Mormon add? 

Sorella Lalonde

Buon capodanno!

Welcome to 2018. To those of you not in Italy, seeing as how I've lived longer in this year than you, I can't tell it's going to be a great year!
Christmas was a blast, and it continued into the week! We had a pizza pranzo graciously provided by a lady who attends our English group. There were seriously like 8 maybe more homemade delicious pizzas for us missionaries! She is so lovely! We took some time this week to Carol and spread the light that is special to this time of the year.
We had a companion exchange so sorella warner and i went to the beautiful L'aquilla for a day. It is up in the mountains and actually snowed! It's such a beautiful city that is being rebuilt after a devastating earthquake. It's an interesting mix of old and new. 
Saturday and Sunday night's the city centre is full of crowds of people it's amazing! The Italian culture is very big into going for walks, I love it. They just get dressed up with their families and walk around downtown ! It's one of my favourite parts of the culture. 
Another culture thing: Christmas here is follow on the 8th I think of January by the holiday befania that is when the open stockings and celebrate the wise men arrival in Jerusalem.... and also a nice witch...i have figured out how it all goes together. I guess the wise men asked this old lady how to find baby Jesus but she was busy cleaning so she showed up late with a broom....dont quote me on that .
The best part of the week was the lady we are currently teaching was able to come to church with her two little kids. She loved it! We taught Her about eternal families and family history this week and  Her face lit up! The thought that our families can be united together forever also after this life is so beautiful! And we can find the information about them for our family trees and preform the ordinance of baptism here on their behalf so they can have the choice to accept it there. That's cool. And beautiful. 
I know this is true. I know the plan God created is to save each of his children to be with each other forever and he wants what's best for us. I know Christ is my saviour and through following  His example I can be worthy to live with my family forever. I know the book of Mormon Is the word of God and teaches us through the examples of others how to live joyfully and have faith and hope. It explains why we need to know about Christ. 
I'm so grateful for this year that I've had to be a missionary. This next year as I finish my mission I hope I'll be able to follow God a little better than before. 
What are you going to do this year that really matters...eternally? 
I love you all! 
Also we had French onion soup thanks to chef master sorella warner

Sorella Lalonde

"Ma dai, Nato è Gesù"

Buon Natale a tutti! Tanti auguri! 🎄🎉🎄🎉
This week we had zone conference in Rome. So Thursday and Friday were spent learning and listening and it was awesome. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve the other people but also learn and grow my faith of my saviour Jesus Christ. I met a man who said he thought Christ was a great man but not our saviour. How can you be certain? You weren't there. But I am certain. I've seen the effects of the saviour Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice in my life. "And thou hast beheld in thy youth his glory; wherefore, thou art blessed even as they unto whom he shall minister in the flesh; for the Spirit is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. And the way is prepared from the fall of man, and salvation is free." 2 Nephi 2:4
And I've seen it in those we work with. We taught a lady this week about the word of wisdom or the health code that God has given us for maintaing our bodies. We believe in eating healthy, avoiding addictive substances, and balance. This lady was so willing to give up drinking cafe, she hasn't even yet been able to come to church. But she believes and felt the peace  in her heart because of the power of the book of Mormon. That is faith. Faith moves to action. And love. For others and our saviour who helps us when we fail. 
"Real Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm " 
I'm so grateful for my saviour who, despite my shortcomings, still allowed me this amazing opportunity to serve people in his name and lift those who are in need. I am certain.
At zone conference we put on a live nativity we each had roles - donkey, mary, angel, bunny, shepard, sheep,innkeeper. It was So very fun! 
I also learned the practical advice this week "if you want a friend, be a friend" being around kinda complete  strangers has taught me about talking to people, and sometimes it takes time to get to know people but you should still take the time. And a smile goes a long way! But the more you take the time to get to know people the better the journey is! 
The best part of our Christmas festa last night we had cena or dinner with a member and their family and we sang Christmas carols. As we tried singing one in English the nonna or grandma started - in tempo with the song- doing the classic "what are you doing" hand gesture . Unfortunate there is no emoji but use your imagination. Classic. The members sister was in town and she happens to be a girl I met my first transfer that was really special. Did you know they eat fish for the vigilia or Christmas eve? It was super yummy! At the ward Christmas party we had the classic cakes panettone e pandoro the first has candied fruit bits the latter is just cake coated in dusted powdered sugar. 
We were also able to light the world by dropping off cinnamon buns and charoling for people! It was an amazing chrostmas celebration!  

This Week I will have been on my mission for 12/18 months. A whole year has passed Since I was packing my bags to start this adventure.  I can truly say I'm not the same girl who set out on this mission, and I'm glad for it. I probably dont seem all that different really, but I've experienced so much and met so many people who have touched my life and changed my perspective on things. I'm so grateful for this experience.
Have a wonderful Christmas.  
Your favourite canadian sorella,
Sorella Lalonde

Gioisce il mondo

This week has flown by again! Christmas is fast approaching and the songs are being sung on the streets by some cold missionaries! But it's been lovely and a little snowy! 
Hopefully each of you have a very merry Christmas full of love! 
This email may be a little scattered...
So they do this beautiful thing for Christmas. It is a nativity set it extreme and miniature and done by hand called Il presepe. Some one in our ward made one for our church and it's beautiful! There's a picture attached. 
The branch here is so awesome in being a part of the community and is sponsoring a park to open and close it for the city. It happens to be the most beautiful lookout point in the city! It was amazing to see our humble bishop standing up there whith the mayor and other city leaders, all united! 
We also did a companion exchange so sorella warner and I were with sorella Adams for a day! It was awesome learning from her. 
We all 9 of us missionaries, went to a little town up in the mountains a litte (litterally called chieti alto (high))to do charoling, but then as we we got there it started to hail!  No one was out! But after some crazy running around and 're planning we were able to brighten people's days and help them feel the spirit of christmas. The Light of Christ. I've really nailed the alto part of joy to the world now. Gioisce il mondo 
If we follow the road of love we can't make mistakes. A bell isn't a bell until it is rung a song isn't a song until it is sung, & Love isn't love until it is shown. 
We had the most Perfect lesson of about the plan of salvation with the lady we are working with. I love teaching about the plan of salvation because it is the plan of happiness that God prepared for us.she said something so perfect " Like my father forgives me and wants the best for me so our father in heaven forgives us and wants the best for us." And really recognized The need for opposition, I can't repent if I haven't sinned. I can't sin if there isn't good and bad. I can choose if there is no choice. God gave us the opportunity even after this life to fully accept the gospel. In the prayers she thanked God for us, for letting her know his plan and to help her do baptism. She said she did pray and she felt as it were a relief , an exhale. She didn't see any thing but felt right. And God is the same today yesterday tomorrow, he will always work in that way. And as she looks on her life she can see how God is helping her put it all in order. She met us and work is going well...and these are little things God has done for her. And we explained the Celeste kingdom, the place we can live forever in families in joy, sorella acerson described how it was her goal, and she said well it should be everyone's goal. Too perfect. It was a really amazing miracle. 
Other good quotes
You don't have to be afraid to build your tower when you see other tower s so high and grand , lay the foundation brick by brick
The Celeste language is music... and what language is music written in? Italian.
Commandments are like lines on the water, we can choose where to swim but we should know the limits because there is some dangers swimming outside.
"I would now like to say a few words to the missionaries currently serving missions around the world. Your attitudes and the love that you show toward others are very significant messages. Even though I didn’t immediately grasp all the doctrines that the missionaries taught me, I felt of their great love, and their many acts of kindness taught me important lessons. Your message is a message of love, a message of hope, and a message of faith. Your attitude and your actions invite the Spirit, and the Spirit enables us to understand the things that are important. What I want to convey to you is that through your love, you are imparting the love of God. You are a treasure of this Church. I am so very thankful to all of you for your sacrifice and your dedication." Missionaries are treasures of the church. A talk but a really inspired man! 
Christ: From His mother He inherited mortality and was subject to hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain, and death.
That's Life. But with Christ we have access to divine power form our Father

Sorella Lalonde

Io amo Gesù

We start this week with a our district missionary meeting for the 14 of us in this area, and Guess whose in my district? Sorella COOK!!!! Canadians unite! It was so good to see her again! She's such a great sister! 
It's been a hoot living in a 5 sister house, it is just like a four sister house but one more person...obviously... but it's been a blast getting to know and work with these sisters.
I learned this week Bus giros are good. You don't even have to move, the people just Come to you. 
We tried Charoling this week and it was awesome! It's a little hard because most people live in apartment buildings so we sing through the call pad thing. It's works though.
#siiunaluce we went Singing for the elderly with this lady we are working with. It was so cute to see all these old people and just sung and help them feel loved. Also sad, because I don't think they feel that a lot. 
Talked in church about the light of Christ. It is in everyone and everything. As memebrs of the church of Jesus Christ we have the gift of the holy ghost always qith us and we are to reach out and help other see the light of Christ, which lights the soul and give joy and peace. I think it went well. My Italian made sense to me at least! Then last night or Sunday night we sang in Centro to spread the light! It was really successful! Lots of people stopped and listened and the light of Christ was shared! 
We saw the baptism of the man the Anziani have been teaching, it was so beautiful and uplifting! 
And we had this super cool mini lesson. We dropped by a lady we started teaching and she started reading the book of Mormon. She basically just told us how much peace she feels when she reads it, like she needs it. Because her life's crazy but she recognizes that peace. It was really cool. I know that's true so much peace is found in the book of Mormon. 
Funny stories and quotes. Three sister missionaries and thier friend get on a bus. just talking about juice sitting on the bus....and then this guy takes off his pants. Our friends turns to sisters  and says. Wow there are a lot of things happening over there... 
The same friend : Once you eat one chocolate it strange you eat all the chocolates.
She is just so quotable : I heard there were brownies! Let's go salute them! 
This blind man in our ward gave a talk at the baptism and said :I can say that over the gift of the holy ghost or having my sight I would take the holy ghost. 
Another guy :The church doesn't need hero's, it needs squads! 
I ate the best carbonara pasta this week too. It is my favourite I think. I just need to master it so I can cook it at home. 
Our same quotable friend made us African fried rice. So spicy. So gooooood. 
We taught a great lesson to this lady we are working with who invited her friend who then invited her son! When you find something good (like, I don't know, the gospel and lasting joy) you want to share it. I also really recognized how blessed we are to have a saviour. The gap between me and God is pretty big. And that's okay. Because we have a saviour to lift us up if we at least reach for him.
Today we went to a little city with a great view. 
Love you all! Keep lighting the world!!

Sorella Lalonde

Oh come all ye faithful ♡

The chapel In pescara was dedicated this Saturday so every night this week there were Open house activities ! and the actual dedication of the "New" chapel that they have been using for a few months Now was saturday night. It was a great event for the community! Not just those who are apart of this group or our church but the community. And we talked to lots of people. It was kinda funny because I didn't know who were just visiting or long time members of the branch here! I introduced myself to one lady twice. Live and you learn! 
Pescara is so so beautiful and people and peopel very nice especially when you just wanna talk about Christmas!  Ps have you heard about light the world? We realized the Italian calender is different then the English one so you and me may not do the same thing BUT still you should do it  it's been a little c4azy this week still getting into the swing of things especially because there are 10 missionaries here for these next 6 weeks! 
We also went to Roma for a day for some training sorella acerson did. We also went to pick up sorella warners permesso/visa also that same day in Rome. A lot of bus time but the bus from Rome to pescara is beautiful, highly recommend it! 
We had a great lesson with this lady who wanted to learn more about what we believe. I can't really explain the whole thing but questions are good. Especially on matters of salvation, and if your willing to ask God always answers.  And she is very brilliant and lovely and open. It was so cool. I'm thankful to be here. 
It's getting colder here. We got almost stranded in a little neighbouring town last night. It ended with us 3 sitting on the bench on the train station platform. Sorella warner and I on either ends with umbrellas to block the wind and a shivering sorella acerson without a jacket squeezed inbetween vowing whichever train next came we would just get on. Don't worry we are safe and warm and she now has a jacket and I have a pocket full of chocolate oranges. And just ate a baggie of fuzzy peaches. 
It's been fun and a little awkward being in three instead of just two but our motto is the scripture in Ether 5:4 "And in the mouth of three witnesses shall these things be established" very applicable. We have a good time though! We also decided to be the three wise men for Christmas!  Sister missionary version.... 
I was thinking that  Because we have prophets we know the truth of things, the consequences and blessing so we can choose and are free! Because we know more. And we have limits placed so we are kept from dangers so we can keep choosing. And keep free and happy. Not bound by addictions or bounds or debt.... they help us stay free. 
Some good quotes
The force of this church is the personal testimonies of every member-fratello conforte. 
Give your heart to him the Christmas!  Make sure his sacrifice was not in vain. 
And my testimony has grown in that as written in Ether 2&3 the Lord knows what trials we are going through. "as a whale in the midst of the sea; for the mountain waves shall dash upon you."(Verse 24) But we are prepared. By experiences, by others, and by the Lord.
Sorry no super crazy stories! But I guess my life is just one big crazy story now! 
Till next week
Vi voglio tanto bene! 
Sorella Lalonde

4 cities. 5 companions.1 Italy.

Woa... crazy day but first...
This week we had an amazing activity for the women ! There is one sister here from America in the presidency of the relief society and so the activity was thanksgiving themed even though they don't celebrate thanksgiving here! It was nice because it wasn't about food. We made gratitude journals and had tea and hot chocolate. It was really just about being together and being grateful for what we have. 
Saturday was pretty crazy and we did talk to a lot of people but as we were walking home my missionary Ness got the hold of me and even though we were running kinda late I really felt I just Had to talk to people. The 3rd person I talked to was Anna. She has purple hair and was a real answer to prayers. She was just so happy to talk to us and I really felt we were able to share some light with her that day. Speaking of light. I'm not sure If you've heard of light the world but.... 25days and 25 ways check out to see! December 1st is world wide service day so that's a great way to start! 
Why was saturday crazy? Well this week is the Last full week of this transfer. Transfer calls are Monday night. Sorella Wyatt has been in foggia for 3 transfers so it was high time for her to go spread her wings and see more of the beautiful country.  Saturday morning we left the apartment to go see a lady and half way there we get a call from the assistants to the president....yall ready for your transfer calls? Mmm what? Ok... you are BOTH leaving leaving Monday.... clean out the house because there will not be sisters coming to replace you.
What! Are you joking? Both of us? No one else coming? Wait why are we leaving Monday like in two days!? Well it turns out I'm going to pescara to be in a trio (three missionaries instead of just two) because they are opening a new chapel there and this week there will be numerous event of which I will need to be apart of!!!!! 
Saturday was crazy and so was Sunday. The members were so saddened to hear there wouldn't be sisters there but the lords got a perfect plan. We jammed everything in and were able to see the lady we are working with before we left! Monday as in this morning we left for our train to Rome. Sorella Wyatt will be staying in Rome for a few days till she gets her real transfer call and goes to her new area. So we got to see all the leaving missionaries who are going home. I got to see sorella Cook! And sorella Groll! And president and sorella Pickard nd right now I'm on a bus to pescara. It's been a strange day. But I bought some fun tape! And next week's email is sure to be good tuned
Killer DDM this week too. We read from Acts 2:36-39
Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.
Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.
So amazing basically peters says talking to the people there that Christ - who you all killed - is the son of GOD! And they realized they sinned and were pricked in their hearts. They felt GUILT! And said well what can we do? And Peter says, repent and be BAPTISED! And you can all be saved!
Ive learned a lot of problems in life can be solved with Faith, patience, and courage.
From the Life of Spencer W. Kimball Chapter 22 - Expecting the spectacular, one may not be fully alerted to the constant flow of revealed communication. I say, in the deepest of humility, but also by the power and force of a burning testimony in my soul, that from the prophet of the Restoration to the prophet of our own year, the communication line is unbroken, the authority is continuous, a light, brilliant and penetrating, continues to shine. The sound of the voice of the Lord is a continuous melody and a thunderous appeal.
Sorry this is so long. I love you all and if you've read this far I guess it means you kinda care for me too. Meno male. 
Till next time!
Sorella Lalonde